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Cross Threads

Bobaloo Films, LLC is in development of the faith-bassed sitcom CROSS THREADS,  based on the life of Scott Butler,  a recently hired youth pastor and his trusty sidekick, Kyle Finn, played by Owen Harn. This story created by Kurt deVries and Tony Russo centers around the daily routine of Scott the youth pastor, his lovely wife Julia, played by Vicki Vodar,  with the interesting and quirky kids they work with. The pilot episode was penned by screenwriters, Chris and Kathy Vander Kaay. This incredible writing team has already completed 3 episodes. Along with the assistance of Michael Beazel of Gallagher Literary the teleplays will be hilarious yet relevent to todays teens. Rounding out the production team is Tony Senzamici, also starring in the show. At the helm will be director, Kurt deVries and DP, Daniel Trout. We have already completed the promo reel and have been getting positive response from everyone who has seen it.

Stay tuned to further updates and visit our You Tube page below to view the promo video.

SHOW UPDATE:  4-10-13

Cross Threads is moving into pre-production on the next episode entitled "BAKE SALE". This hilarious new episode introduces new characters and gets you up to speed with the current ones. Will Scott be able to pull off this fundraiser so the kids can go to camp this summer? You'll have to tune in and watch.  We need your help to get this done, any donations made to assist in the production are greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in donating to the production, assisting with future episodes or funding a full episode please contact us via email. We would welcome the opportunity to explain our marketing plan and how you can help get this series out there. There is nothing like this on TV and a show like this can make a huge impact on today's youth!
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