Bobaloo Films, LLC
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Who We Are; What We Do...

"Deadly Motive" (2011)
starring Tony Senzamicic, Owen Harn and Brannon Cross
Bobaloo Films, LLC

Bobaloo Films

Bobaloo is made up of very visionary artistic people who all share a common passion...making your final product the best it can be.  Every new project brings us fresh talent and fresh perspective, but our core group; Kurt, Dan and Dave work with you through every phase of production.  


Through working with Dan;  Bobaloo has aquired this revolutionary camera. The SCARLET is becoming "the" camera for independent production companies nationwide.  Dan Trout, our DP, is very knowledgeable and is able to create the most stunning images with this fantastic camera.

Adobe Premiere

All of our post production is done in our editing suite right here in the production hub. Our custom built editing room is were all the post production magic takes place and our editors are right at home working the keyboard like a musical maestro.

Our Mission Statement
Because of who we ultimately serve our values and our company are held to a higher standard. We believe that God has called this group of filmmakers together for a purpose.

Superior Product

This means that our projects are not complete until our clients are satisfied.  We are not finished if a project is "good enough".

This means that we treat all those who work with us with respect. Our goal is to meet deadlines and for our clients to notice our professionalism and dedication to excellence.

The Influence of Films

No other medium can touch so many people so quickly than feature films. Films have the power not only to generate revenue, but also to influence and inspire millions.We understand this and realize what an awesome responsibility we have as filmmakers.


A filmmaker must have a strong voice to the culture. Yet their films must be relevant to reach the audience that we need to reach.


We believe that film is a business of relationships and cannot accomplish our vision alone. We need  talented and influential individuals to assist us in our endeavors. We also want our clients, freelancers, and those who partner with us to feel like a part of our family.

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